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Check Quality - Check Dimensions
At business checks you will find only the highest quality in preprinted business checks online Customized for Landtech software. for the cheapest price online. All Business check sheet sizes are Paper Size: 8 1/2 X 11, Click Full check Dimensions

Free logo - Color Logo On Business checks
We will print your business logo on your Business checks in black & white format free of charge. Color logo is available on computer checks for an additional charge, please refer to the product you are ordering for exact pricing. there is no hidden fees or setup fees, printing your business logo in black & white is always included in the price.

Software Compatibility - Printer compatibility - Check Security
Our laser checks guarantees 100% compatibility with your Landtech software, All Landtech Business checks are guaranteed compatibility with your laser or inkjet printer. Our Landtech Business checks have Built-in check security features click for Details, Our Landtech Business checks guarantees flexibility for both Multi Purpose or accounts payable and payroll. options for Reverse Numbering if you add the checks in the printer face down, and for two or three signature lines are available free of charge.

Shipping Rates - Delivery Time - satisfaction Guarantee
We charge a minimum shipping fee click for full shipping details, Please allow 24-48 hours for order processing, if you requested a proof of the check to be sent to your email please allow 24-48 hours to receive the proof, but we are always working the improve the time frame. Our standard delivery is either with UPS Ground 5-7 business days or USPS Delivery 5-7 days, depends in your location. you can choose to expedite the shipping transit time during checkout. In-Plant Rush processing is available for a small rush processing fee, find it at the end of the ordering page it is usually the last option on the order form.

About Us - Satisfaction Guarantee - Check Preview
All Checks at Business Checks have a 30 day satisfaction and money back guarantee, for any question or comment please don't wait Contact us now.

Business Checks is noted for our impressive color selection of laser computer business checks for Landtech, and bank supplies such as deposit slips, self inking deposit stamps. Our company offers you more savings, products and choices of laser checks and supplies than any other check printing company in the country. Business Checks is committed to enhancing your business with individualized solutions, old-fashioned values and state-of-the-art products and technology.

Business Checks provides high quality professional check printing services that meet or exceed the standards of the check printing industry. Our professional staff consists of qualified, trained individuals specialists in their field. Business Checks Printings on-going employee training prepare our customer service specialists to guide customers to the best choices and best solutions for their business.

The check preview enables customers to make sure the checks look fine and the information is correct on the check before purchasing the Landtech checks, logo preview is not available at this time.

Shipping & Turnaround

Use the chart below to determine the shipping and handling charge for your order.

Prices for 1 per page checks - (Top Checks - Check Stub stub - middle checks, Stub Check stub - Bottom Checks)

Shipping Charges For 1 per page Laser Checks (see below for duplicate computer checks)
50 Checks 100 Checks 250 Checks 500 Checks 1000 Checks *BEST DEAL* 2500 Checks 5000 Checks
$7.89 $9.25 $14.25 $14.25 $17.25 $19.25 $31.25 $64.25

Duplicates (includes yellow non-negotiable copy)

Shipping Charges For 1 per page Duplicate Laser Checks
100 Checks 250 Checks 500 Checks 1000 Checks 2500 Checks 5000 Checks 10,000 Checks 10,000 +
$13.79 $14.25 $17.25 $31.25 $64.25 $124.25 $250.00 Call

Prices for 3 per page checks - (3 per page business style - 3 Per Page Wallet personal checks)

Shipping Charges For 3 Per Page Laser Checks (see below for duplicate computer checks)
150 Checks 250 Checks 500 Checks 1000 Checks *ON SALE* 2000 Checks 3000 Checks 5000 Checks
$7.89 $9.25 $14.25 $14.25 $17.25 $17.25 $17.25 $31.25

Duplicate 3 Per Page Checks (includes yellow non-negotiable copy)

Shipping Charges For Duplicate 3 Per Page Laser Checks
150 Checks 250 Checks 500 Checks 1000 Checks 2000 Checks 3000 Checks 5000 Checks 5000 +
$9.25 $13.79 $14.25 $17.25 $19.25 $31.25 $64.25 Call

How long does it take for me to get the proof of the checks?

Once you have placed your order, you should get it within 1 business day.

How long does it take to print the checks?

Standard processing and printing generally takes 24-48 Hours, if you need the checks sooner; we offer an in-plant rush that will ensure the checks to be shipped the same day. This selection may be made on the more options tab, (the last option on the order form).

How long will it take to get my order?

Most jobs will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours after you order, or if you request a proof by email after you approve the checks, Please check the specific product ordering page for available turnaround times.

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